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“Artistic talent is “born” in a person,” Sallie says, and she acknowledges her belief that it is a gift from God.   Like most other artists, she demonstrated her interest and ability young in life and was encouraged by her family.  Sallie’s artistry flourished in middle school and high school where she designed and painted sets for school programs and plays.  She studied studio arts at Cal State University Los Angeles, winning awards and accolades in sculpture and metal enameling.  Sallie flourished as a potter and oil painter.

Sallie painted in oils, specializing in portraiture of animals and people, but her artistry was interrupted by her need to support and raise a family.  Her experience in health care developed into a career in health care management. Following her retirement and move to the mountains, she now works in watercolor and pastels, doing mainly landscapes and mountain scenes that may include a bear or two.  Sallie wants to express all possible avenues of her artistic nature but continues to give the glory to God who is her source. 

Where Sallie’s art hangs, it will often be found embellished with a scripture verse.  The painting, “Off on a Lark,” inspired Sallie to add the verse from Psalm:119:32 “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”

by Sallie Barr