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I have been working with art glass since 1990. After completing a bachelor's degree in Psychology at CSULB, I realized that I hadn't taken but 1 art class in all those 4 years. I felt some satisfaction, yet a bit stifled, working as a counselor in a group home for abused and neglected children. I went to the local junior college and it was either pottery or stained glass. I didn't know squat about either one. So, you can only imagine which class won out.

I learned tons and the following summer went to an intermediate stained glass class. That was even more liberating. I can't remember the teacher's name, but she was fantastic! I decided I just had to do something more creative with my life and soon found a new job working at a stained glass studio in Downey, CA. Linda, the owner was equally liberating. She encouraged me to create my own designs and my talents continued to grow. This was in the early 1990's and fused glass was just beginning to be popular in the art glass world. Linda sent me to a glass fusing class to learn fusing and slumping so that I could teach her how to use the second hand kiln she had picked up for the shop. It was so much fun and we made some great stuff to display in the store.

In 2006, my husband and I had the opportunity to move to this wonderful mountain community of Crestline, CA. He does his music thing and I do my glass thing.

My glass is made with a combination of fired on glass paints, glass frit (crushed glass) and cut glass. Each piece has gone through multiple firings in my kiln and is loved along the way. I hope you enjoy it.

To see more of my work, please visit my website at or “like” my page on Facebook (Silly Dog Art Glass)

by Cherly Chapman