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Molly Collins was born to her passion for animals and painting. Growing up in the Torrance, California she felt drawn to the outdoors, open fields, marshes, hills, beaches and mountains which were all in vicinity to her. It was natural to pick up a pencil and draw the subject she loved and longed for horses and nature.

Her passion to paint and study wildlife evolved into a working as a Naturalist teaching and painting beautiful and educational murals. Molly paints primarily with acrylic, and oil. Her work depicts a variety of wildlife and nature painted in a realistic style. She loves to paint animals; wildlife being a favorite. However, horses, landscapes with wildlife, birds, flowers, butterflies and reptiles have been captured in many of her murals and illustrations used at Nature centers, discovery centers such as George F Canyon, Madonna Marsh, including work for the International LA Zoo.

Molly Collins believes she is living her childhood dream, living in the San Bernardino Mountains with her family. It's through God's creation that artistically and spiritually inspires her creativity and longing to paint. "It is paradise here, and I feel so close to God and all his creation." She is a very spiritual individual who believes her inspiration comes from God through his creation. This peace and serenity can be seen through her paintings and murals.

One of the few, if not only multimedia mural painted and sculpted in Southern California is, "The Tribute to the extinct California Grizzly" Designed and painted by Molly and sculptures carved out of wood by Conrad Sandoval, can be viewed locally in the San Bernardino Mts. This 1,000 square foot educational mural can be viewed in Crestline in the front of Goodwin's market. Other public viewed murals painted by Molly in San Bernardino Mountains can be found in Blue Jay on the wall of "Lake Arrowhead Patrol and security , and murals throughout "Thelma's Restaurant" in Big Bear.

To obtain reference for her work, she has traveled to Europe, throughout United States and has visited many State and National Parks, which has helped make her observations of nature more fulfilling. Molly enjoys painting outdoors and can often be found on a mountain trail or sitting alongside one of the mountain Lakes , plein air painting in the presence of Gods creation, hoping to view a bald eagle, coyote, deer or any of the wildlife present to inspire the next painting.

by Molly Collins