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Thunderbird Rustic Furniture's craftsman, Graeme Gale, offers handmade, hand crafted, lodge furniture, rustic furniture, and log furniture for your lodge, cabin or home. Graeme is dedicated to creating a handcrafted piece of one-of-a-kind furniture to last for generations to come. Cabin and rustic furnishings includes: rustic tables, outdoor furniture, cabin chairs, rustic stools, rustic coffee tables, rustic fireplace mantels, and custom rustic "made to order" furniture and accent pieces. Whether your lifestyle preference is log furniture, lodge or cabin, rustic, western, country, or cottage, Graeme can make the furniture piece that will be perfect for you.

Our custom hand crafted frames are of the highest quality with the appearance of very distressed and aged wood. Each frame is meticulously assembled and manipulated to affect a rustic look, stained and/or painted to order. Further customization can be accommodated.

Graeme Gale is a southern gentleman, from southern England, that is! Graeme transplanted to the US over 20 years ago from his hometown of Brighton, England. He and his wife operated a record store in Los Angeles for many years, and then relocated to Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains 10 years ago. He began creating with wood as a hobby, but he quickly discovered a passion for the Manzanita tree in particular. As he sands the bark away, the hidden beauty of the wood grain is revealed and he "reads" the wood and decides the best way to incorporate it into a functional object. His designs are elegant, delicate and wildly organic in form. No two pieces are alike; he crafts one-of-a-kind unique works of art.

by Graeme Gale