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California fine artist Brenda Lee Gibson discovered her passion for art at an early age. Her intuitive grandmother noticed her constant drawing and provided her with a steady stream of supplies, paper and pencils. On Brenda's twelfth birthday, her grandmother gave her a gift that would change her life: a paint-by-number oil painting kit. No longer confined to paper and pencils, Brenda was seduced by the creamy texture and luminosity of oil paint.

At the acclaimed California Art Institute, Brenda dedicated several years of intensive study to fine art "life" drawing and painint, learning the fundamentals of design, values, edges and light, and the art of the human form. She attended several years at Los angeles Academy of Figurative Art, as well as numerous workshops at the Scottsdale Artist School in Arizona.

She continues to pursue advanced education in the form of workshops by artists she respects and admires. Having an unquenchable desire for knowledge and self improvement in her art, she never intends to rest on her laurels, feeling if you stop learning, you stop evolving...she loves the saying, "The problem with modern art is how do you know when your getting better?"

Brenda resides in Lake Arrowhead, CA with her husband, daughter and two grown sons. Located in the mountains of Southern California Brenda says, "It's truly a luxury to live here and pursue my passion. There is not a day that goes by that I don't realize how fortunate I am."
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