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My introduction to art began out of necessity. I needed an outlet from caring for an ill family member. I noticed an ad for an adult class in watercolors at a local high school. I enrolled in the class and began painting, it was fun and educational. The instructor, unknowingly, taught me a valuable lesson in criticism. That lesson is, what one person may not appreciate, another may love. This refers to the rich colors I used; she felt I needed to make my colors much softer and more transparent. Others disagreed and really liked the brightness of my paintings.

I enjoyed painting and over the next two years enrolled in numerous classes at the local community college. There I studied the basics of using various mediums and styles of painting. We studied the old masters techniques and those used by modern artists. I studied still life, portraits, landscapes and life drawing as well as realism, cubism, impressionism, expressionism and abstract to name just a few. I worked in oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pencil and watercolors. We also did a few mixed media projects.

While attending college I had the privilege of being accepted in the California Community College Exhibit at Riverside Community College. I then joined the San Diego Art Institute, submitted some of my art pieces which were accepted and sold at the gallery.

Upon moving to Lake Arrowhead, I was once again looking to continue with painting and expanding my knowledge. I became a member of a painting group with Helga Batman-Koplin and then studied Japanese watercolor and ink with Alma Borcuk. I love experimenting with different styles and mediums, but my favorite is impressionism using acrylics or watercolors.

by Frank Hohendorf