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Born in Beijing, China, Jeffrey Ma (Jianwen Ma) has over twenty years of experience in painting, photography, installation art, set design, Screen Printing, graphic design/editing, creative directing/production. He began to study Chinese brush painting from 9 years old. After years of learning, begin his artistic creation when he was 16 years old. Became a Chinese brush painting teacher in an art school when 18 years. In the year of 1990, came to United States when 23 years old. Because of his career in US, had a great chance to widen his domain of art, such as oil painting, photography, installation, batik, sand painting, cartoon, illustration, and subject matter as well. In the year of 2001, has own Art Studio to keeping artistic creation till now. In the year of 2010, move to Lake arrowhead.

wentz Art Studio (2001-present)
Painting, Photography, Graphic Design & Screen Printing, Installation, Creative concept & design for PR & Event
In Door Out Door (2014-2015) in United States (
Art & Design Adviser
In Door Out Door (2014-2015) in china (
Senior Art Director & Design Director
interTrend communication inc. (2002-2010)
Senior Art Director Photographer, Artist, Graphic Designer, Installation, Screen Printing, Creative concept, Graphic Design for AD, PR & Event. (JC Penney, State Farm, Toyota, Western Union, the Gas Company, etc.)
International Chinese Artists Association Exhibition, 2010
Disaster Relief Charity Exhibition, 2009
Wenchuan, China, Earthquake Relief Charity Exhibition, 2008
Painting Controversy, Andy Warhol-esque print of Mao next to George Washington, 2007
The Year of Roosters, A Group Art Show of Chinese Zodiacs, 2005
Primitive Dream, etc., World Association of Chinese Artists Exhibition, San Diego, 1996
Wild Hunt, etc., World Association of Chinese Artists Exhibition, Los Angeles, 1995
Cat in the Night, etc., World Association of Chinese Artists Exhibition, Mexico City, Mexico, 1995
Autumn Breath, etc., Asia Invitation Art Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea, 1994
Showdown, etc., United Exhibitions of Overseas Chinese Artists, Taipei, Taiwan, 1994
Journey to the West, sculpture, for the City of Las Vegas, 1993
Golden Phoenix, a section of Neighborhood Pride: Great Walls Unlimited, mural painting for the City of Los Angeles, 1992
Paintings been have exhibited in numerous galleries, shows, and art events nationally and internationally.

Contact: Jeffrey Ma (Jianwen Ma)
Cell: (562) 508-6665
Facebook: Mosquito Ma
e-mail: |

by Jeffery Ma