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Sue Priest specializes in nature inspired fine art, sculpture, and jewelry. She currently lives in Running Springs.

Sue states, "The process of taking an idea from start to finish for me involves a progression in problem solving. Art allows me to develop and retain focus and mentally flourish all while creating something of beauty in the world. Presently, my jewelry is exhibited at the Mountain Arts Gallery and is an inclusion of treated copper material, natural stones, and beadwork. I am enchanted with copper. It is unusually responsive to chemical and or heat treatment which allows for continued variation, and provides me an avenue to continue to create exquisite and unusual pieces."

Artist Statement: I am nothing, but in connection and community I am infinitely well connected.

I see the world through infinite connections and relationships of which I am an active part of. Art is a way for me to question, discover, uncover and ultimately remember spirit. Inspiration is limitless. To reduce limits and constrains I intentionally create using a vast array of materials and utilize a variety of processes.

In the last few years I have been challenged to reinvent myself. I have simplified many parts of my life and this shows up in my art as well.

Current mixed media projects: "Remembering Spirit" series is a set of simple drawings and paintings using a combination of pastel, charcoal, and pencil depicting the beauty of nature.

Find these beautiful landscape paintings and drawings at the Mountain Arts Gallery or online at

"Ode to Wonder" series and "Path to Self" series are 3 dimensional works that include a combination of mediums (wood, metal, sand, rock, acrylic paint, etc.) to create both abstract and realistic images. These works of art are exhibited at local art festivals. Visit my shop for current venues.

Contact me at: Web: online at

by Sue Priest